Bus Seat Fabric

The material, shape and color of bus seat fabrics are very important to passengers, so the choice of seat fabrics is an important issue for bus manufacturers. Our bus seat fabrics are generally composite fabrics (laminated fabrics), which usually have three layers: the surface layer (single fabric), the middle layer (foam layer), and the bottom fabric layer (nonwoven or mesh). The types of fabrics mainly include: printed fabrics, embossed fabrics, jacquard fabrics, cationic fabrics, etc. Each type of fabric has a variety of colors, unique patterns and novel designs. And the surface fabric is tightly woven, not easy to break, and durable; good color fastness, not easy to fade when encountering water; good permeability, both heat and cold resistant. Therefore, our bus seat fabrics can meet the passengers' needs for riding comfort and riding environment health. Now, click the link of specific product to know more information! If have any question, welcome to contact Dingxin bus seat fabric manufacturers.

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